Concerts I’ve been to

December 18th, 2010

I’ve been extremely lucky to be able to attend some incredible concerts of some absolutely incredible Rock-Gods:

Roger Waters

The Wall Live – December 08, 2010 at HP Pavilion, San Jose, CA

The Wall Live – December 07, 2010 at HP Pavilion, San Jose, CA

The Wall Live – December 03, 2010 at Oracele Arena, Oakland, CA

Dark Side of the Moon Tour – June 19, 2007 at Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA (pictures)

Awesome show. Tight performance. Great setlist. Great visuals, props and lasers. I had the best possible seat. Dream come true for me. First half consisted of assorted songs from both the Pink Floyd and his solo catalogue. Southampton Dock, Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2, and Leaving Beirut were from his solo years, are mostly political commentary and _I feel_, are nowhere close to the Floyd-era. Second half was the entire dark side of the moon in all its glory. Encore had the PF staple comfortably numb. Set the controls, shine on you crazy diamond and sheep were particularly.

  • – reviews and pictures (includes my review as well 😉
  • Ian Ritchie’s blog entry about this concert. Ian is the saxophonist on the tour.
  • Videos on YouTube (No, not uploaded by me!)

Mark Knopfler

KTGC Tour – June 28, 2008 at The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA (pictures)

Truly, amazing show. Great setlist. Great performance. Great venue. And luckily, I had a great seat. For me the high points were the 5 or so Dire Strait songs of course, and, What it is, Speedway at Nazareth, Sailing to Philadelphia. Not too many songs from the current KTGC album – would’ve loved to hear Punish the Monkey. Jesca Hoop who opened for Mark turned out to be a disaster, though.

Shangri-La Tour – March 07, 2005 at The Palace Grounds, Bangalore, India (Yes!)

Unfortunately, the crowd decided to sing most songs with the band which ruined it for me. Possibly, the band found the audience to be enthusiastic, but I go to concerts to hear the band play and not to show them that I know the song by heart. Please, please restrict the karaoke to your homes or karaoke bars. I think applause, waving, head-banging (if applicable) and standing ovation are better ways to show enthusiasm at a concert. All said and done, Mark’s guitar work, Guy Fletcher, Richard Bennett and the rest of the band were as phenomenal as ever.

  • Guy Fletcher’s tour diary
  • Richard Bennett’s tour notes
  • No videos on YouTube. None that I could find.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Dark side of the moon tour? – October 14, 2007 at Masonic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA

In my opinion, the best Pink Floyd tribute band out there. Great performance. Smaller venue and hence initmate performance. P.U.L.S.E. type laser show. I’d say note-for-note same as the original. If, like the unfortunate me, you were not born at the right time and place to witness the original band in its glory days, this is the closest you can ever get to that experience. Typically, they tour US/Europe every year. I am eagerly awaiting for this year’s tour.

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